Myers: Congress must help US break free from China’s rare-earth grip

Right now, the United States is completely dependent on China for rare-earth metals. These critical materials are a vital component of almost everything manufactured today, from smartphones and electric vehicles to satellites and fighter planes. Almost every aspect of modern manufacturing uses at least one of these 17 elements — and America’s biggest geopolitical rival … Read more

Myers: Congress must act on bill to boost manufacturing in U.S.

Manufacturing and technology executives are closely watching the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate debate two different versions of a bill designed to boost American manufacturing. Each chamber passed their own version of a bill to ameliorate our supply chain problems, support innovative research and strengthen domestic production of essential components. Now, the bills are … Read more

Woburn startup aims to break China’s grip on rare metals

Clean energy can be a dirty business, especially when extracting the minerals that are vital to building green technologies like electric cars. But a Woburn startup called Phoenix Tailings says it has developed a pollution-free way to refine rare earth metals from mining waste. In theory, at least, that’s a breakthrough that could turn rare earth mining … Read more