Sustainable Metals Production

Creating a sustainable future by unlocking the full value of our natural resources with zero-waste technology

Driving a Sustainable Future

Enabling truly clean technologies with zero-emission critical minerals

Unlocking Natural Resources

Revolutionizing metals production by using the entire value of an ore source

Zero Waste Technology

Leveraging technology to transform metals production with nothing left behind

Empowering Next Generation Technologies

The world is shifting to an electrified industrial ecosystem which is highly reliant on metals to function efficiently

As the building blocks of nearly every type of modern technology, we need a stable supply of metals more than ever

There are no environmentally friendly ways to produce the majority of the metals we need; Phoenix Tailings is changing that

Traditional Metals Production is Destructive

As the world shifts from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, demand for metal and rare earth elements continues to increase – however, the vast majority of the global metal supply originates in countries with minimal labor rights and inadequate environmental oversight

Traditional metals production incurs environmental costs and causes significant destruction to societies. It’s this destruction that limits the expansion of metals production in developed countries

The 2010 Hungarian Red Mud disaster resulted in $150 million in damages – MAL (the mining company) was fined $647 million, and the cleanup is still ongoing. Article Here

Making Sustainable Metal a Reality

Phoenix Tailings is changing how these metals are produced by extracting valuable metals and rare earth elements from mining waste. Our process uses clean energy sources and produces zero waste, creating a cleaner supply chain

Green Process

Our primary metals are produced with clean energy inputs and no hazardous chemicals

Zero Waste

Our constant recycle loops allow us to process the ore, harvesting the entire value in various forms, with no waste left over

Increased Supply

Our modular system is compatible with a wide array of ore types and waste materials, ensuring that nothing is left behind

At Phoenix Tailings, we are creating a new paradigm for how critical metals and rare earth elements are produced

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