Phoenix Tailings Receives $1 Million ARPA-E Grant for Low-Cost Emission-Free Iron Production from Tailings

Phoenix Tailings Receives $1 Million ARPA-E Grant for Low-Cost Emission Free Iron Production from Tailings

Phoenix is one of only four private companies to receive a ROSIE
grant, which funds technologies that will lead to zero-emission
iron and steel production.
WOBURN, MA — Phoenix Tailings was awarded a $1 million ARPA-E
Revolutionizing Ore to Steel to Impact Emissions (ROSIE) grant for its zero-
process-emissions ore-to-iron processing.

“We are thrilled by ARPA-E’s support and validation of our proprietary
process to produce zero-emission iron cost-competitively with traditional
methods,” said Nick Myers, co-founder and CEO of Phoenix Tailings.
“Phoenix Tailings’ mission is to support true innovators who create
extraordinary new products that people and businesses use daily by
providing them with cost-competitive raw materials from tailings, a readily
available source. This grant allows us to support the incredible companies
in the steel industry, like Boston Metal, who have made great strides in
decarbonizing one of the dirtiest industries on earth. “

Specifically, Phoenix Tailings produces iron through molten oxide
electrolysis. Their proprietary process is designed to economically recover
high-grade iron from tailings, including iron ore tailings and bauxite
residue, leading to the successful remediation of the sites.

Tailings are the by-products of traditional mining operations. They are
substantial financial and environmental liabilities yet contain enormous
potential resources if economic extraction methods can be deployed.
Phoenix Tailings has developed a platform technology that transforms these
liabilities into assets by economically extracting a portfolio of products,
including high-grade iron and critical minerals like rare earths, nickel,
copper, and cobalt.

In addition to zero-emissions iron processing, Phoenix Tailings is expanding
the company’s refining capacity of neodymium and dysprosium, both critical
rare earth metals, at its Burlington processing facility. This expansion will
fulfill purchase agreements supporting the automotive, electronics, and
aerospace sectors.
Phoenix Tailings also received a $1.2 million ARPA-E award in 2023 and has
received funding from the NSF, Air Force, and the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts’ M2I2 grant program.


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